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New Site Page Alert: ZHM Dayton Youth Ministry

Founded in the efforts to provide hope and refuge to any population in need, Pastor Pauline saw ZHM as tool, that could be utilized, among many others things, to intervene in the lives of young people facing harsh realities. Offering the Word of God, counsel and above all charity to the youth has been her heart call and therefore the reason why ZHM is established on a foundation of Love specifically towards the Youth.

Over the years ZHM has helped a number of young men and woman in the shadows. Many young people whom have run into trouble spots on their life-walk journey. Today we are ready to shine the light on the good and transforming work of God taking place through ZHM, impacting the lives of young people in Dayton, OH! We have a few Young people whom we've assisted in their time of need. These young souls are blossoming right before our eyes and we would like to share their journey with you. With their consent we will share their stories, photos, and updates of their journey towards success, along side sharing the crucial efforts being put forward through ZHM-Burundi ministry. We would hope by hearing these stories you will feel compelled to support our efforts or reach out with any suggestions of who might benefit from the ZHM-Dayton ministry. All in all we hope to encourage you to look around your own area and find ways to put forth your hand to work for those in need.

Please stay tuned and subscribe to our email list to be updated on the ZHM Blog and Gallery Of Love post.

May God, Bless you All.

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