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We Have A Miracle

Luke 18:27 Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

This is our little Yvette. A tenacious and extremely intelligent young girl that Pastor Pauline first encountered at her first apartment after arriving in Burundi from the USA. She was among a number of children that would go around in residential areas, knocking on doors and begging for food (see gallery). As I have stated before, street begging is illegal and anyone caught doing so is swiftly dealt with by police. Adults who beg on the streets are jailed by police who do so without impunity, kids are often left on the streets and God only knows how they manage to keep themselves. Pastor Pauline soon understood Yvette was one of these children, having ran in to her wandering on various parts of town on various occasions, the last being a very far distance in the city. For this reason she was prompted to finally take her home and figure out what was really going on. People who knew of Yvette told Pastor Pauline about how her mother was arrested and presumably jailed but they did not know where. Since that time it has be over 10 months and Yvette has been living with Pastor Pauline, and was even entered into school. Today however we have a great blessing that is because Yvette mother was released not too long ago, and through divine intervention people where able to help her locate Yvette at school. She told a story that would make you cry for days. Mama Yvette was also with a newborn, Yvette little sister whom she was seeing for the first. She came with a bag with a few clothes, the newborn had no pampers and no infant clothes, just one shirt. Mama Yvette was managing on the street since her release. Words cannot express how beautiful this reunion is to witness. Today both Yvette, her mother and her new baby sister will be living with Pastor Pauline through ZHM.

Mama Yvette and the girls!

Yvette's Progression!

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